The Great Red Sea Tsunami and the Disappearance of an Ancient African City

One day in the 7th Century AD a great earthquake in the Red Sea rocked the sea bed and created a tsunami so powerful that it travelled over six kilometers inland and completely wiped off from the face of the earth the ancient African city of Adulis,

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Things to see and do in Eritrea

Things to see and do in Eritrea – Asmara there are few cities so suited to the simple pleasure of walking and exploring as Asmara. The climate is perfect, the streets are clean, refreshment is widespread, crime is very rare, the architecture is stunning..

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The Eritrean Railway – Riding On Old Locomotive

The legacy of the Italians in Building one of the finest road and railway structures in Eritrea, East Africa is untold. Their feat of engineering in Railroad is demonstrated when they managed to build the railway…

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