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Dahlak Islands, Eritrea Red Sea
More than 350 islands in Eritrea (more than 200 of them belong to the Dahlak Islands), scattered like a pearl necklace on the vast blue waters of the Red Sea, are still one of the last untapped places. in the world. The influence of the Red Sea on the history and development of Eritrea is...
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Nda Mariam Orthodox Church - Explore Eritrea - Travel Eritrea
It’s an exclusive destination for a see desert, beaches and sea, large towns, older architectural beauty, panoramic scenery, and all because of the individuals who grin all the ways! Travel Eritrea, In this Travel Eritrea guide you will find: In this Travel Eritrea guide you will find:Food excursions in EritreaExplore the Dahlak IslandsVisit Keren CityDiscover...
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Dahlak Islands and the dahlak archipelago
The Red Sea (Dahlak Archipelago) is one of the richest, cleanest, and most beautiful oceans and the real wealth of Eritrea. The waters of the Red Sea are very narrow and cover a wide range. It has almost no contact with other oceans, so it is very characteristic, very salty, and the water is the...
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