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Travel with us to Eritrea and explore the wonders of this wonderful country under guaranteed conditional travel and under the best conditions “Eritrea Covid-19: Guarantee and Travel Tips”.

Fascinating climate, 3 seasons at 2,400 meters above sea level, Dahlak Islands, unique and unspoiled ecosystem, colonial architectural heritage makes Asmara a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an extraordinary population makes this country a unique travel destination.

Massawa Haile Selassie old palace -3 Days Tour Asmara - things to see and do in Eritrea
The creation of modern Eritrea was the result of independence and the merger of different kingdoms and sultans, which eventually led to the formation of Eritrea, Italy. After the defeat of the Italian colonial army in 1942, the British military administration ruled Eritrea until 1952. Things to see and do...
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Dahlak Islands and the dahlak archipelago
The Red Sea (Dahlak Archipelago) is one of the richest, cleanest, and most beautiful oceans and the real wealth of Eritrea. The waters of the Red Sea are very narrow and cover a wide range. It has almost no contact with other oceans, so it is very characteristic, very salty,...
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