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Want to travel in a fascinating area of Africa’s Red Sea coast? If so, you must visit Eritrea, which remains one of the most beautiful and safest places in Africa.

Eritrea is undoubtedly one of the most off-beat destinations you will ever find In the center of the capital city Asmara, full of avant-garde Art Deco architecture from the 1930s. The great Massawa, mysterious pearl of the Red Sea, with its unique Islamic flavor and stunning sea-side waterfronts. Travel experiences which will never leave you

Let’s Travel Off to the Path of Eritrea!

Eritrea is a wonderful country that is well worth a visit. The country is full of mesmerizing and cultural sites. At Adulis Travel we make sure you get to appreciate the local wildlife and the astoundingly varied geology. We show you vast stretches of seashore territories, inland mountains, canyons, and incredible river channels. If you are thinking of touring Eritrea, then you must count on ADULIS TRAVEL


Al-Sahaba Mosque (Mosque of the Companions)

According to an Islamic tradition Al-Sahaba Mosque is the oldest mosque built in Eritrea by the first Muslim Migrants when they first arrived on the Red Sea coast of Africa (current day Eritrea). They built a Mosque so they could pray, and named it al-Sahaba Mosque. Sahaba in Arabic means companions, and that is to imply that al-Sahaba Mosque was built by the companions of Prophet Muhammed who came there from Mecca to flee persecution by people in the Hejazi city of Mecca, present-day Saudi Arabia. This makes this Mosque the first in Africa.


While Asmara, Massawa and Keren are tourist meccas for their shopping, Western-style cafés, bars and nature-loving crowd.

Thinking of doing a quick tour of Eritrea? You will get the best accommodation in one of Eritrea’s grand and tranquil cities - Asmara, Massawa, or Keren. Always book ahead.

The exploration of historical views of this country doesn’t stop at Massawa and Asmara. The towns in the southern area also offer many attractive spots. This place feels like a home filled with a few ethnic places. Each of the spots reflects their own particular culture.

Asmara coffee litel image


  • The 1890-1940’s architecture in Asmara. A handsome capital, safe to walk in.
  • Interesting ruins at Qohaito from about 2500 years ago.
  • The Italian, British and Eritrean wartime cemeteries outside both Asmara and Keren.
  • The distinctive flora and avi-fauna of Eritrea. The wonderful steam trains that zig-zag from Asmara down the escarpment towards the lowland coastal plain.

Attraction in Eritrea: Eritrea Tours

There are numerous monuments and landmarks situated in the nation. We can help you make the most of your time in this wonderful land, maximizing the amount you get to see. In the Dahlak Islands, visitors will love to see the various types of creatures. As well as natural and geographic sites, Eritrea offers fascinating and genuine shopping, cultural and artistic opportunities.


The Massawa Islands incorporate the two islands of Taulud and Massawa. These islands are well known for Eritrea tours with fascinating and attractive views which instantly take visitors’ breath away. Most of the buildings are either centuries-old Ottoman style or are built of coral!

Massawa Eritrea Old Palace
The Dahlak Marine National Park

The marine park is situated in the Dahlak Marine archipelago of the Red Sea. The region surrendered during the Eritrea-Ethiopia strife. There are over 350 sites for fishing and diving. It’s even possible to catch a look at destroyed ships in the waters.

Asmara Massawa road
The Semenawi National Park

This park is situated on the lower slopes of a mountain. The area extends from a height of 900m to 2400m above sea-level. There are likewise a vast number of birds found in the area. The national parks of Eritrea have been drawing in several visitors.

Qohaito Archeological Site

Eritrea has the second highest density of ancient archeological sites in Africa after the Nile Valley. There are about 2000 identified archeological sites, and still many more remain to be discovered and excavated. Among these the archeological sites of Adulis, Qohaito, Keskese, Tekhonda’e (or Toconda), and Metera.

Qohaito site
Saint. Mariam Da’arit

Keren is the most attractive and beautiful city in Eritrea. The Saint Mariam Da’arit Shrine is a lovely church. The church had a holy statue of the Madonna which reflects spiritual and curative powers. The church is present inside a consecrated Baobab tree which has an area of 6 meters. At this place, you can take some time out for contemplation and enjoy the way to Keren. You can also join thousands of Eritreans in this church.

Where to stay in Eritrea: Travel Eritrea

Eritrea is full of exciting and luxurious places. One of the famous cities of Eritrea is Asmara. It has a good choice of accommodations for the tourist. In some countries you might have trouble finding quality accommodation, but not in Eritrea. You will go to the top range of hotels located in Asmara.

Equally, Keren and Massawa also have a wide range of small hotels. The place is worthy enough to be booked in advance for Eritrea tours. The prices of this accommodation are slightly lower than the luxury Hotel Asmara. All hotels offer full boards.